Over 35 Years Of Leadership

Dedicated to the development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical solutions with international quality standards, Pharmaceutical Solutions Industry Ltd. is a fully integrated pharmaceutical company thriving on a culture of innovation and excellence.

PSI, is the leading and the largest producer of a wide range of sterile IV solutions in the MENA region. As one of the Arab world's pioneering pharmaceutical companies, we are committed to providing the healthcare market with life saving solutions. Continue

 Manufacturing Facilities & Units
Quality Control
Research & Development
Supply Chain

Wide range of High Quality Pharmaceutical Products

Our proprietary medicines & IV solutions cover a wide range of therapeutic areas and medical devices.

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 ● Standard I.V. Solutions

 ● Glass Bottles & Vials

 ● Plasma volume substitutes

 ● Plastic Bottles

 ● Antibiotics

 ● PVC and Non-PVC Bags

 ● Antimicrobials

 ● Jerry Cans

 ● Local anesthetics  ● Ampoules

 ● Anti-muscarinics


 ● Oral Solutions


 ● Irrigation Solutions

 Medical Devices
 ● Dialysis Solutions  
 ● I.V. Sets